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Thank you for visiting LuceAir, where we'd first like to pay tribute to Steve Wittman, builder of the Buttercup in 1937. This original plane now resides at Oshkosh in the Pioneer Museum / Wittman hangar.

Steve Wittman's fame started in the 1930's, the 'Golden Age' of air racing. Steve designed and built several race planes, most notably his 'Chief Oshkosh' and 'Bonzo.' The Buttercup was designed in 1937 as a chase plane and heavy hauler to support his race planes with spare parts and equipment, It was often flown by his first wife Dorthy. Steve designed the Tailwind as a fast cross country airplane in 1953, the year EAA was established. Many Tailwinds are flying today. After retiring from flight instruction in 1969, Steve continued his involvement with air racing through age 85.

Unfortunately, Steve Wittman died before ever creating plans to reproduce the Wittman Buttercup, which has become one of the most sought after types of aircraft designs today. LuceAir LLC has accomplished the task of putting design to paper, and offers detailed plan drawings for sale to the public so that you may build your own reproduction Buttercup and fly as Steve Wittman once did.

Steve Wittman in his original Buttercup
Earl Luce's replica Buttercup
Steve Wittman in his original Buttercup
Earl Luce's replica Buttercup

Please feel free to browse our website. You'll find helpful information such as specifications, links to homebuilt aircraft discussion forums, magazine articles about Earl Luce's Reproduction Buttercup, as well as places to purchase reproduction Wittman Buttercup kits or detailed plan drawings. Well over 100 sets of plans have been sold and many planes are under construction now. Before long, several reproduction Buttercups will be showing up at Oshkosh! Keep a close eye on our "Tri-Gear Buttercup," which is still in the design phase. One day it too will be available in plan and kit form for you to build and enjoy.

Steve Wittman with Earl Luce
Earl Luce's Replica Buttercup
Steve Wittman with Earl Luce
Earl Luce flying, Photo courtesy of EAA

Earl Luce to Receive EAA’s 2009 Tony Bingelis Award