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This page provides useful information such as Specifications for the Replica Wittman Buttercup built by Earl Luce, as well as a link to specifications for E-LSA, and photos of the front wing edge. Simply click on the link below to go to the appropriate section on this page.


Earl Luce's Replica Wittman Buttercup Plane Specifications

Engine Model O-200
Engine Horsepower 100
Propeller 66/53
Cruise Speed 130 mph
Top Speed 150 mph
Landing Speed 40-50 mph
Maximum Speed (Vne) 150 mph
Stall (clean) 51 mph
Rate of Climb 550 ft./min.
Gross Weight 1300 Pounds
Empty Weight 790 Pounds
Payload 500 Pounds
Wing Span 29'5"
Wing Area 132 sq.ft.
Aircraft Length 19' 6"
Fuselage Height - Cabin 44"
Fuel Capacity 21 Gallons
Seats 2 (side-by-side)
Cabin Width 40" or 42"
Takeoff Distance 300 feet
Landing Distance 200 feet

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Experimental Light Sport Aircraft

Click here to view current specifications for E-LSA

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Photos of the Front Wing Edge

Front edge is out
Front edge is in
Front edge is out
Front edge is in

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