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Replica Wittman Buttercup Material Kits

Replica Wittman Buttercup Material kits are only available through Aircraft Spruce. They contain materials only, not pre-fabricated parts. PLEASE NOTE: Material kits sold by Aircraft Spruce do not include aircraft plans. Plans are available only through Earl Luce, click here for more details.

Click here to order Buttercup Material Kits through Aircraft Spruce.

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Ground Adjustable Series Propellers

Whirlwind Propellers make superb props that work nicely on replica Wittman Buttercup aircraft. Not only do they fit any engine, but you'll appreciate the fact that they're adjustable on the ground. Please contact Earl Luce for more information.

Visit Whirlwind Propellers website

Get a factory tour of Whirlwind Propellers

View GA200CN Propeller details

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Hard-to-fabricate Parts

LuceAir LLC is currently offering to fabricate experimental aircraft components for the LuceAir (Wittman) Buttercup. Click on the image below to print and fill out an order form.

Hard-to-fabricate Parts Order Form (pdf)

The order form above requires the program Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed. If you do not already have this program, you can download it for FREE by clicking here:
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE

Questions about ordering parts? contact Earl:
35 Beverly Drive, Brockport, NY 14420
Phone (585) 637-5768
E-mail Earl Luce - earl@luceair.com

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